I invite you to visit my Gallery and see my mosaic artwork
I am an Israeli artist, raised in Jerusalem the city from where I draw  magic and inspiration. You will notice that my style and line of work is distinguished and well invested. Each mosaic piece is composed of thousands of hand-cut and polished stones. The making of each artwork extends over months and each piece is characterized by a color scheme that gives it depth, presence and strength. The combination of glass mosaic with natural stones creates a distinguished and unusual style

I strongly believe in bringing art into our daily life, thus turning functional objects into works that enhance the artistic quality of our life at home. Almost each and every functional object around the house can be upgraded into an artistic or Judaic master piece; mosaic coffee tables, mosaic counter tops, mosaic bathroom wall tiling, mosaic mirror & picture frames - all of which contribute to the creative atmosphere at home, turning it into a pleasant and stylish  home.

The advantage in choosing to work with glass and stone, highly durable materials, that give my artwork a longevity (of hundreds of years) and make my pieces endure both indoor and outdoors conditions.

I have participated in exhibits in Israel, and my artwork has been well received with enthusiastic response.

So, thank you for taking the time to visit my gallery.
whether you are close neighbors or from over the ocean, I would like to create for you a custom-made mosaic piece that can easily be shipped overseas from the Holy Land.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly through my website  to comment on my work and to discuss your requests, ideas and themes for a custom made mosaic . I will be happy to respond and we can communicate our thoughts and ideas via mail or over the phone.

All the best,
All the beauty

Mosaic Artist

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Nachlielit Mizrachi
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